The first 72 hours after a senior is discharged from the hospital are critical in the recovery process from an illness or recent surgery. Although hospitals go to great lengths to ensure seniors have the best chance at recovering fully, the care the senior receives once they arrive home largely determines their chances of readmission. 

Home care services make it easier to recover at home after a hospital stay. Here are seven benefits of in-home care that help recovering seniors stay safely at home:

1. Adherence to Doctor’s Orders

Doctor’s orders often mean a new routine for a senior: taking new meds at a new time, dietary changes, and changes in the number of hours they sleep are just a few examples of changes in lifestyle that need to be made. Professional caregivers help you be sure that your loved one is following through with their medical team’s instructions after they get home.

2. Daily Assistance

Helping with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and other daily activities is another way caregivers assist your loved one, who may be unable to perform tasks as easily as they did before surgery.

3. Medication Reminders

Caregivers give helpful reminders and help seniors take the right meds at the correct times each day.

4. Fall Prevention

Falling is one of the primary reasons for readmittance for seniors. They’re often unsteady and fall while trying to maintain their independence. Caregivers help with mobility assistance, which promotes healing.

5. Transportation

Professional caregivers can help get their clients by getting groceries, running errands, visiting the pharmacy, or driving them to follow-up appointments. This allows the senior to recover at home and maintain a single contact for assistance and care.

6. Meal Preparation

A nutritious diet is essential for a healthy recovery. Caregivers prepare meals that follow any dietary restrictions the senior may have.

7. Clear Communication

Caregivers keep family members informed about their loved one’s condition and healing. They’re trained to spot any irregularities during recovery that you and the medical specialists should know about.

Home Instead Helps With Discharge Planning for Seniors in the Naples, FL Area

While your loved one is at the hospital, making plans for them when they return home will make recovering more manageable and ease your stress level. It takes a team effort to complete the transition from a medical facility to home safely.

At Home Instead of Naples, FL, we understand how taxing it can be to line up care after a loved one returns home. Contact us as soon as you can before discharge, even before admittance, if possible. If you have a loved one in the Naples, FL area, we would love to help with planning for after a hospital discharge. We’ll work with you to make sure your loved one has a smooth transition home.