Is there a secret to remaining independent and happy while aging? Many experts on aging point to social engagement. Getting involved in social activities, trying new things, socializing with family and friends, and engaging and connecting with others help seniors stay engaged and make their life far more interesting than choosing to become isolated.

Staying engaged with others also helps keep away many adverse effects of aging. For example, a lack of connection with others has been shown to increase the incidence of depression, high blood pressure, and the risk of early death.

So, how can you keep the senior in your life busy and leading an interesting and exciting life? Here are six ways they can stay engaged with others.

1. Join a club

Is your loved one an avid reader? A book club, online or in-person, maybe something that will help them cultivate and maintain friendships. In addition, most hobbies, like gardening or woodworking, have local clubs. An internet search will help you locate a group where your senior can connect with others who share the same interests.

2. Volunteer

If there are a limited number of clubs in the area, volunteering for an organization connected with something that means a lot to them is a great way for your loved one to stay engaged. In case there’s a pet lover, they can volunteer at a shelter. If they care about children’s literacy, they can tutor children in reading. Giving back and staying involved is an essential part of the engagement.

3. Visit with family and friends often

Maintaining close personal relationships is one of the best ways for a senior to remain socially engaged. If possible, set specific times for them to do things, like having Sunday brunch with their girlfriends or playing poker or golf with the guys. Not only will they stay close to old family and friends, but they’re likely to make some new friends in the process.

4. Find a part-time job

Many seniors stay engaged by working part-time. They may have retired, but they still enjoy working and interacting with co-workers and customers. And, for many of them, it provides a chance to do something in life they always wanted to but never had the opportunity.

5. Learn new technology

All seniors, not just those who are homebound, can benefit from learning how to watch a movie on Netflix, use Facebook, or make a video call. It will also boost their confidence and spice up what can become a routine life.

6. Enjoy a hobby

Being engaged in a new hobby or one they gave up a long while ago helps a senior be happy, creative, and productive. Find a blog or website written just for seniors looking for a new hobby or wanting to re-start one from years ago.

Though you do so much for your loved one, you can’t be there every minute of every day. You also may have a job, family, and friends you need to invest time in. Our caregivers from Home Instead of Southwest Florida can be there when you can’t and help your loved one stay active and engaged.

They’ll go for walks with your senior, play games that stimulate their brains, visit with them, and offer the consistent human interaction every aging adult needs.

Contact us today and schedule your complimentary visit to learn more about our personalized in-home senior care in Naples, Fort Myers, and Charlotte County, Florida. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and your loved one.