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24-Hour Home Care in Boca Grande

There may be times when a family member needs round-the-clock assistance. Loved ones with advanced dementia or those who are recovering from the effects of a stroke or other debilitating condition can benefit from 24-hour care delivered right in the home, here in the Boca Grande, FL area.

24 Hour Care Experts in Boca Grande

Home Instead® in Boca Grande, FL offers highly trained, trustworthy CAREGivers℠​ to assist your loved one around the clock. We can tailor this care to meet your needs. Call us at (239) 880-2789 to discuss which of these options may work best for your family.

Our care services are available 24/7, delivered in shifts to ensure that your loved one receives continuous support. By organizing long-hour service in shifts, we guarantee that they are cared for by caregivers who are always fresh and alert. This approach is essential in all cases, but particularly crucial when caring for a senior who is:

  • A potential fall risk
  • Occasionally up in the middle of the night
  • Prone to wandering
  • Bed-bound
  • Requires more intensive care

Care Team: Our team of caring CAREGivers℠ is dedicated to supporting your loved one around the clock, providing assistance and care throughout the day and night.

Communication: Our trained CAREGivers℠ undergo specific training on effective communication and seamless hand-offs between shifts. This ensures that the incoming CAREGiver℠ is well-informed and prepared to continue delivering exceptional care without any interruptions.

CAREGiver℠​ Round-Tables: Our teams of dedicated CAREGivers℠ regularly convene to discuss important matters and exchange valuable techniques, enhancing the overall quality of care provided to your loved one.

Peace of Mind: Our phone lines are staffed by team members who are available 24/7 to handle any issues that may arise during the evening hours. We understand that some clients value the assurance of having an awake and attentive team, so we have our CAREGiving team call in every hour, on the hour, to provide additional reassurance and support.

Home Instead® Senior Care of Cape Coral offers highly trained, trustworthy CAREGiversSM to assist your loved one around the clock. Call us at (239) 880-2789 to discuss how we can tailor this care to meet your family’s needs.

Shift Services:

Perfect for individuals who are bed-bound or require intensive caregiving, our shifted caregiving model involves a team of five or six compassionate CAREGivers℠ providing eight-hour increments of care throughout the day and night. Rest assured that you won’t have to worry about providing meals or private sleeping quarters for these dedicated CAREGivers℠.

Considering Live-In Care?

For individuals requiring the utmost level of attention, our live-in caregiving service offers a comprehensive team approach. Three highly trained CAREGivers℠ rotate 24-hour shifts once every three days, ensuring round-the-clock care for your loved one. These CAREGivers℠ will reside in the home and remain attentive throughout the night to provide assistance as needed. Please note that you will be responsible for providing private sleeping quarters and meals for the live-in CAREGivers℠. It’s important to mention that each live-in CAREGiver℠ is directly employed by Home Instead® in Cape Coral, FL. This arrangement alleviates any concerns regarding liability for payroll taxes, Worker’s Compensation, or other potential issues associated with hiring a private duty caregiver through a registry.

Benefits of 24-Hour Caregiving in Boca Grande

Rest easy knowing that your elderly family member won’t be left waiting for help in the event of a fall during the night. Our round-the-clock care service provides peace of mind. In addition, our caring and dedicated CAREGiversSM offers valuable services that enhance your loved one’s quality of life. These services include:

  • Help with toileting, no matter the hour
  • Bathing and dressing assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Companionship, even in the middle of the night
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Immediate telephone contact in case of an emergency

To learn how affordable 24-hour in-home care can be in the Boca Grande area, call us today: (239) 880-2789

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“I was wary ….but not anymore. Home instead will provide you with personal caring service.” – Care Client

“My father requires pretty much around-the-clock care. Home Instead caregivers are well-trained, professional and the two I have dealt with are always prompt. Home Instead has been an absolute blessing to me and my father.” – Karen M.

“We selected Home Instead for in-home care a couple of days a week. They would do basic services like being here for my wife, giving her meals, and they’ll do laundry or cleaning if I want to. They were very helpful that way and explained where things were located.” – J.S.