We all wish that our parents could live long, healthy lives and be self-sufficient at home during their golden years. Unfortunately, that isn’t a reality for every family. Sometimes an aging adult needs in-home help and care as their dependence on others increases.

It’s not an easy conversation to have when you tell a senior that they will have a caregiver spending time with them as a companion and a helper. They often resist the idea initially – it can hurt their pride and produce anxiety within.

How can you lovingly encourage your loved one to accept in-home care if they are resistant to the idea? Here are some steps that have helped others and can work for you.

Understand the Emotions Involved

Change is difficult for many seniors. It can invoke feelings of fear, anxiety, and anger. They see the idea of getting in-home care as a sign of aging, which can lead them to contemplate death – something that makes almost everyone somewhat fearful and anxious.

Your parent may also become angry at the thought of having someone they don’t know come to their home and do things for them that they’ve always done for themselves. They may also become angry with you for being the catalyst for this significant change in their lives.

Understanding the emotions that they’re feeling and looking at the situation from their point of view will help you find the patience and compassion that will ultimately allow your loved one to accept the change with their dignity intact.

Help Them Address Their Fears About In-Home Care

What is their biggest fear? It’s the fear that this is the step just before they’re moved to a nursing home. You can help them fight this fear by explaining to them that accepting home care is a way to delay or even prevent the need for them to be moved to a facility.

The fear of change is also something that needs to be addressed. Assure them that they’ll still be doing many of the things they’ve always done; they’ll just have help when they need it.

Lastly, the fear of abandonment is a reality for many seniors when faced with having a new person in their life. You’ll need to assure them that having a helper will actually free you up to spend more time with them and not have to be as much of a caregiver when you’re with them.

Offer Options

Which days of the week will their caregiver be coming to the house? What hours? And the big question – what will they be like?

By letting your loved one have input on scheduling, they’ll feel that they still have some control over the situation. This will help them be more accepting.

Also, let them know that they’ll be involved in the interviewing process and have a voice about who they’ll be spending time with. Emphasize that the person selected will be a companion for walks, museum visits, and other favorite activities.

Let Home Instead of Naples, FL Help With the Transition to In-Home Care

If you’re trying to convince an aging loved one in the Naples, FL area to accept in-home care, contact us! With a free in-home visit with you and your loved one, we can help ease their mind about the transition. We’ve helped many seniors happily adjust to having a new companion to share life with, and that they will assist them with some of the activities of daily living, which will reduce their burden.

Call us today at (239) 766-8539 to schedule a time for us to meet with you and your loved one. The CAREGivers of Home Instead of Naples, FL specializes in providing compassionate care, and we’ll help lessen the fears and concerns your loved one has about receiving in-home care.